A good communication strategy is like a nest weave: a work of pure engineering.

Using each item to create effective communication strategies is just the same. Each component, twigs, schedules, web-strategy, leaves, below the line, pop materials, lichens and moss must coexist in balance for the nest to be tailored according to the customer’s need.

Metae supports companies and positions itself in the market with its ability to weave together the most functional and effective strategies, managing investments with both creativity and foresight.

Metae has been flying in the world of advertising for more than 30 years.

…its view is the same as that of a small bird that can quickly reach very different areas of the market in just one beat of wings. A flexible and delicate flight is the main feature of Metae and also a winning formula in this market, which allows reaching successful targets for brands and products that are destined to become real market phenomena.

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  • Strategia di comunicazione. Communication strategy.
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Tailored solutions

Think just for you!

Tailored solutions

Our philosophy is not “copy / paste”.
Each project, from 33 years now, is the first one.
For our customers, the communication is cut to size.

Not simply a supplier

But a trusted partner.

Not simply a supplier

Can we be defined supplier?
Yeah sure, as the Odyssey 1 kg of paper. Metae is a strategic partner for any company.
Nothing more, but also nothing less!

A common target


A common target

The first thing we try to achieve is a team. The company is not Metae’s customer: Metae is part of company, Metae becomes the company. The company and Metae are the team.

Lateral thinking is the burst of thought that discovers the unexpected in everyday life. It’s a different point of view, which disrupts perspective.

Made in Italy!

Those who leave the old road for a new one are not imprudent, they are creative.
Metae is Italian creativity, which starts from Made in Italy and arrives at Think in Italy. Metae is the little bird that seeks the “off topic”, following the instinct of those who think, better fly laterally to reach definitely rational and tangible results. Those results that make companies successful and make them fly in the sky of success.

Enjoy the game!

The market is a challenge, a game to play every day with new strategies. In order to win, the team has to keep up with the competition.

We are here to play this game with you, to challenge the market and to beat it two-nil.

During our experience, we have cooperated with important companies willing to change on the basis of our projects, until achieving the reconversion of their production cycle, because they trusted us, our expertise and competence.

Take a seat: the game is beginning.

Yes, we have experience in these areas


Anticipations of styles, fashions, trends, models.

  • HOST2013-1

HOST 2013, my kingdom for a horse!

A thoroughbred at the entrance of the stand as symbolism and metaphor for a creative company, ready to overcome the obstacles of the crisis.
  • Pallone Adidas
  • Pallone da calcio Diadora RETE bianco
  • Pallone da calcio Diadora RETE argento

Someone up there loves us

Continues to fill us with pride in the discovery, albeit accidental, that the design of our footballs dated 2007 is taken as an example even today.
  • Pallone da calcio Diadora riprodotto su campagna pubblicitaria Gazzetta dello Sport

Inspiration continues…

This advertising was published about a year ago but something sounded familiar. With a treatment worthy of the best visualizer, the soccer ball "Olimpico" -which was designed in 2009 by Metae for Diadora- has been reproduced.
  • Ronaldo
  • Immagine promozionale per scarpa da calcio Morpho di Diadora

On the footsteps of Metae

Due grandi marchi sportivi, due giocatori, due diverse campagne pubblicitarie, con “un’impronta” molto simile…notate anche voi?

Sempre un passo avanti sui tempi, sopra le mode passeggere, fianco a fianco con i migliori […]

  • Valentino

Centaurus compared

Come cavalieri in sella al proprio cavallo… così i nuovi protagonisti della strada sfrecciano a quasi 200 chilometri all’ora a bordo delle loro moto. Centauri della strada in veste di cavalieri […]

  • Pallone Jabulani - Adidas
  • Pallone Gamma

Twins or brothers?

Abbiamo disegnato nel 2005 il nuovo pallone Gamma per conto di Diadora.
Non solo disegnato ma anche supervisionato la realizzazione direttamente in Pakistan dai fornitori.
Fornitori di eccellenza tanto che sono gli stessi che realizzano […]

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