My CLEAN CLEAN – Everyone has a self.

Metae support GRANDIMPIANTI for a successful project in the field of self-service laundries. It is a real plant to respond in real time to those who wish to have information about it.
If the market runs, you have to keep up. My CLEAN CLEAN is a draft reply customized to meet customer requirements in 24 hours.
Marketing […]

23 February 2015|Marketing, Work in progress|

Beauty sommelier.

The Amarone wine gives the maroon ribbon the style code linking every phase of Villa Quaranta Park Hotel communication, where the Terme are.
10 December 2013|Communication media, Work in progress|

HOST 2013, my kingdom for a horse!

A thoroughbred at the entrance of the stand as symbolism and metaphor for a creative company, ready to overcome the obstacles of the crisis.
25 October 2013|Advertising, Communication media, Metae, Pre-Vision, Work in progress|

IDEALED.IT under another light.

Metae works on the communication for IDEALED, or better, for the new IDEALED.IT.
4 October 2013|Communication media|

MITAN towards the future.

MITAN is oriented to the future. Metae indicating the direction with the new brand and the new communication strategy.
30 September 2013|Metae, Restyling, Work in progress|


The value of communication in fact, projected the company to a shareholding of great importance to the next "HOST"
30 September 2013|Metae, Restyling, Work in progress|

Metae at Villa Quaranta

Metae and Family Tommasi sign the beginning of a new collaboration
9 September 2013|Metae, Work in progress|

Someone up there loves us

Continues to fill us with pride in the discovery, albeit accidental, that the design of our footballs dated 2007 is taken as an example even today.
25 July 2012|Pre-Vision|

Let’s beer

A new collaboration with the craft brewery that produces beers of refined quality has started.
11 July 2012|Communication media, Metae, Work in progress|

Inspiration continues…

This advertising was published about a year ago but something sounded familiar. With a treatment worthy of the best visualizer, the soccer ball "Olimpico" -which was designed in 2009 by Metae for Diadora- has been reproduced.
18 June 2012|Pre-Vision|