Metae Creative Company

Metae’s point of view is the same as that of a bird. A high perspective allows us to see everything clearly and to develop the perfect strategy under the best working conditions.

A perspective as high as our thirty years experience, which helped us to meet people, businessmen, companies, labels, trends and times. We know very well the communication field and within it we grow our strategic projects.

To fly high you need to keep both feet on the ground, or, in other words, to be logical and rational; it is important to understand the tools, to use the most suitable ones, to know how to manage investments, to share strategies with clients, team up with them.

Yes, knowing the art of communication is like knowing the art of flying, made up of sharp, yet gentle movements, of a strong knowledge of winds, as also of markets, and requiring group work to reach the targets, as a flock harmoniously heading toward hot countries. For you to be sure to succeed, you have to rely on expert wings.


Market law makes companies select their consultants because of their merit, valid proposals and objective abilities.

Metae is close to these companies and introduces itself with the ability of sewing the most functional and effective strategies, managing with creativity and thrift clients’ investments.

We don’t use the verb ‘to sew’ randomly because we feel we are capable of organize and succeed in realizing articulated communication processes, like a bird sews its nest. In fact we believe it is not possible to always use the same formula with all out clients, everyone has his own demands and needs his own nest, custom-made. For this reason many years ago we’ve flown away from usual cliches and ready-made solutions.

The Owner

Gianfranco, Gian, Barco is the founder of Metae. His vision is the one of the pilot, who sweeps with his flight of 361 degrees.

Yes, one more creativity degree to add to all the other skills of this job, ability, experience.

Communication strategies born under his management lead to veritable market success which made fly high the sales of some products.

Our history

Metae has been flying for thirty years, over communication boundless expanses.
Routes have changed, but our instinct drives us towards a horizon full of success.

  • 1982 Gian Barco starts his career as art junior in a photo studio.
  • 1984 Gian Barco gains entrance to the Associazione Italiana Illustratori and becomes a professional illustrator for advertisement and publishing.
  • 1987 Gian Barco, with Mauro Forlani and Giovanni Modolo found Gruppo Ipothesi, a copywriters studio which deals with graphic advertisement and illustrations. A society that lasts until 2000.
  • 1992 Gruppo Ipothesi becomes Meta&Co., an advertising agency.
  • 2006 Gian Barco and Mauro Forlani found Metae srl, communication agency.
  • 2012 Gian Barco becomes Metae srl general director.