Made in Italy

Metae could only have been an Italian company.

At school, we were taught that “going off-topic” is bad: we consider it an ace up our sleeve.
It is lateral thinking. The leap of thought that discovers the unexpected in everyday life. It’s a different point of view that disrupts perspective.
The explorer does not follow the well-worn path: he opens up new ways. Those who leave the old road for a new one is a pioneer. Describing what you see is easy: it is difficult to describe what does not yet exist. We see beyond without being visionary, just as Michelangelo that chiselled to set the sculptures free from the grasp of the stone, which it already contained within.
Our daily life is made of speed, multimedial incitements that cause us to jump frantically between tv channels. Within this chaos, we try to find up that one idea that remains impressed as a freeze-frame or a sudden slow-motion. Often, we find it where we least expect it:

this is our strength, the abitily to go beyond conventions, off the known track, still meeting the brief.

Metae made it in Italy!